One inbox.
Unlimited accounts.
Zero clutter.

Smart Mail is a free email app for those who can’t afford to miss what’s important but don’t have the time to listen for every “ping.”


A Unified Inbox 

Eliminate the need to flip between multiple email apps with Smart Mail’s Unified Inbox. 

See your emails all together in the combined inbox, or separate out your email accounts with one click on the convenient bottom bar.

AI to the Rescue

Can’t find the right words? Trouble setting the tone? Too verbose or too curt? 

Let Smart Mail’s AI technology compose the perfect sentiment or craft your ideal response. Simply give us an idea of what you’d like to say and watch the magic happen! Not thrilled on the first try? With the Rephrase, Lengthen, and Shorten commands you’re able to tweak the language until it’s to your liking.

Block the Noise, Read the Joys

No more squinting at the fine print. Smart Mail’s block sender ability is the easiest way to receive only the emails you want.


Reach Inbox Nirvana

The average person receives more than 120 emails a day. But if you’re a do-everything, on-the-go productivity machine, you receive even more — and you can’t afford to miss the most important ones. 

Get all your email in one place by connecting your Gmail, Outlook, and/or Yahoo inboxes and watch as Smart Mail cleans your inbox clutter and presents you with your priorities — getting you to inbox zero and making sure you never miss an important message or meeting again.

“I can't describe how awesome and how organized I am now compared to before. I give it five stars all the way.”
— Taneya McClain
“It was just amazing to watch my email become no longer a chore. Tops!!”
— Benjamin Carroll
“Easy and fast to get the information you want.”
— Jhon Nyarko

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